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Celebrate Breakfast!

Healthier Generation and No Kid Hungry have teamed-up again for breakfast! Do you want to show your school community the benefits of school breakfast? Use this PR bundle highlighting why it's a win-win for all! Then check out these marketing strategies for Generating Awareness, Generating Excitement and Generating Support to make your program a success all around!

Explore our featured breakfast recipes and new breakfast after the bell menus designed to ignite creativity, whether you are just beginning your breakfast after the bell journey or you are already soaring high!

And don't forget about these breakfast after the bell videos designed for teachers and administrators. Making breakfast part of the school day  is academic! Students get the nutrients they need to have a successful day without having to rush through their morning meal.


Exciting News!


Child Nutrition News!

The updated CACFP meal pattern went into effect October 1, 2017. Check out the Alliance's new resources throughout this site - a CACFP Calculator, new menus, and fun recipes! Need more guidance? There are also many useful resources from the USDA:


Looking for Local Wellness Policy resources? The Alliance and USDA are here to help!

Alliance Resources:

USDA Resources:


Where are the Nutrition Advisors? 


Stephanie is headed to Mobile for policy and fundraising trainings. Carol is visiting Georgia, then presenting at the Alabama SNA Conference. Jill is working on new, exciting resources to be released this spring. Stay tuned!


How to Use This Tool

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Find kid-friendly recipes for your school or site.

View menu plans to use as turnkey food service solutions.

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DIY St. Patrick's Day Fun!


Pot o’ Gold Paper Chain:

  • Cut 1” strips  of paper from each color of the rainbow and one black strip
  • Staple or glue paper together to form a chain in the order of the rainbow
  • At the end of your rainbow paper chain add one black link for your “pot” handle
  • Using yellow and black paper cut out a black “pot” and yellow circles to serve as “gold coins”
  • Glue your gold coins to the black
  • Optional: Decorate the gold coins with glitter
  • Adhere pot of gold to your black link to complete your Pot o’ Gold Paper Chain!

St. Patrick’s Day Puzzle

  • Lay 8 popsicle sticks on a flat surface side by side.
  • Place a piece of tape down the center across all of the sticks
  • Number each stick 1-8 on the same side as the tape
  • Flip the popsicle sticks over and draw a picture
  • Remove tape from back and mix up sticks to play with your new puzzle!

Green Pepper Painting

  • Take a green pepper and cut it in half width wise
  • Dip your cut edge of green pepper into green paint
  • Stamp your green pepper onto paper to make your four leaf clovers!

Shamrockin’ Green Slime


  • ½ c. warm water (split into two ¼ c. portions)
  • Glitter
  • ¼ c. Clear Glue
  • ¼ tsp. Borax
  • 2 bowls or cups
  • 1 spoon for mixing


  • Take 2 bowls and place ¼ c. of warm water in each.
  • In one bowl add ¼ c. of clear glue and a generous tablespoon of green and gold glitter. Stir well
  • In the second bowl add ¼ c. teaspoon of Borax. Stir well
  • Slowly pour your bowl of water with Borax into the bowl with water and glue mixture.  Mix well and watch your Shamrockin’ Slime begin to form!


Training Center

Feature in the Training Center!

Smart Choices for the Health of It

The Training Center is a virtual space to connect with the Alliance’s National Advisors and engage with like-minded healthy change makers.

Search for trainings on specific topics, take on-demand trainings, track and revisit previously viewed trainings and participate in online discussions facilitated by the Alliance’s National Advisors. Learn more about the National Advisors.

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